Here we can revise our definition of Design or use other definitions
Critical thinking and solving problem are basic principles in design. Burnette`s
appreciation of popular architecture goes beyond the strictly rational and
scientific understanding of architecture and design.

I want to go for an interpretation of the word design that I use in my
program. It is based in meaning of the verb to design.
De-sign in english, de-sinne in french, di-segno in italian and spanish are
interesting words.
I am not for the nominalist approach on things, but it is important to
recognize the value and presence of the word "sign", which necessarily take
us to the semiotic approach and recent cognitive theories. The ideas of the
north american philosopher Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914) in semiotics are
great. One of his writings, Man, a Sign, gives good clues.

The meaning of the word design becomes, "about the signs". Is much more than
drawing and fashion. Indeed our drawings and models are signs we produce to
describe and communicate our perception of reality, in order to transform
it. So, to design is to think......
And the great thing about it, is that design in not just a logical, but a
sensitive process of knowledge, that involves many issues that go from
social, political and even economical contents, to scientific and artistic
ones too.
There is another interesting book on it: Design as a Catalyst for Learning
(Davies, Hawley, McMullan, Spilka)

Antonio Manrique, Columbia
Taken from a Smartgroup discussion (2006)